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Tampa Bay Area Blues Jams Recorded Live

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BluEarthArts presents: the international thriller novel, "Burning of the Devil", by novelist Jeff Williams, available here on as well as other ebook outlets - such as here on

Many of the circumstances in "Burning of the Devil", particularly the fire forensics, were closely based on true events.

Unique CDs
Meet Tango Barking Dog CD and Somebody's Home Security CD
- Recorded by BluEarthArts, these are unique and original internationally-sold intruder-deterrent CDs to play in your home or business. 

Waterfalls and Solitary Surf CDs - relax or meditate to the crystal clear sounds of digitally-recorded north woods waterfalls or surf, or use them to effectively mask out unwanted outside noise so you can sleep. Recorded by BluEarthArts. These CDs are all nature sounds, with no music added.

Ultimate Halloween CD - an original assortment of spooky atmosphere and strange and unsettling sounds, the tracks on this CD will complement the visual frights of your haunted house or halloween party for the ultimate in bonechilling, bloodcurdling, hair standing up on the back of your neck halloween ambience - the best Halloween CD on the market. A chilling & thrilling audio experience.

- original, difficult-to-categorize music created for both ears and the mind between them

Offsite Digital Stereo/Multi-track Recording
BluEarthArts offers affordable, quality, offsite digital stereo/multi-track recording and a professionally finished CD at your home, school, church, or other venue in the Tampa Bay area.

Analog Tape to Digital Audio Conversions (Tapes to CD, MP3 & more)
Professionally preserve your cherished audio recordings and listen to them again in an entirely new way! Favorite song compilations, recordings of weddings, memoirs, your old band, sermons, etc - whatever's on tape that you want to keep! You'll be pleasantly surprised at the improvement in sound.

BluEarthArts can convert any audio on cassette tapes, micro-cassette tapes, 1/4" reel tapes, or videocassettes to a digital format like a CD, MP3 or AAC, and can optimize the audio with noise or pop/click reduction, and/or equalization if necessary, and master the recordings for consistency.

If you're serious about your audio, then BluEarthArts is the right choice.

Website Design
BluEarthArts offers striking but reasonably-priced websites for people who need a simple yet effective professional web presence - webphone-friendly, featuring java scripting and custom photo-illustrations. All of our graphic page elements are original (i.e., no canned "themes" or stock images).

Photo Magic
Custom photo restoration services and other digital photo magic. For the computer-challenged folks who need a little help in getting their photos onto their computers.

If you're serious about online dating you need to have decent photos in your profile. We can help your future mate find you. We edit photos at a very reasonable price with a quick turnaround.

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