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Jeff Williams of BluEarthArts digitally recorded and mixed the blues jam sessions - pro bono - at the Swigwam Beach Bar from 2005 to 2010, and recorded at least 7000 songs live during that time.

This page was once the exclusive site of the original Swigwam Blues Jam, but that awesome jam - blues, beach, beer, bikini babes and incredible sunsets - was thrown under the bus by a new management in 2010.

Recordings from other blues jams have subsequently been added here. The link to the Swigwam jams can be found below with the others.

Jeff is also available for hire for offsite audio recordings and still photography of your live performances. Need a demo or other live audio recording at a reasonable price? - go here.

Note that the MP3s on these jam pages resulted from simple multi-track mixes with minimal processing and most older ones have been archived at a low resolution to save on server space.  It's all unrehearsed moments of cool stuff.

Be sure to also check out Jeff's Musician's Portraits pages for photos of local musicians.

Click on the jam links below to find the MP3s from those jams:

Current Regularly Recorded Jam:  none at the moment 
Current Irregularly Recorded Jam:  Johnny Dreamwell's Open Jam at Brady's in Safety Harbor 

Defunct or no longer recorded Blues Jams: DAVE'S AQUA LOUNGE      SWIGWAM      HOWLIN' BUZZ      DOMAIN        GRASS FLATS

One-shot Recorded Jams: Amanda Gerttula's Party, Oct 2010     David Lee Maxwell's Birthday Party Jams July 2010 & 2012

Jammers - check out these informative pages:     -        Blues Drumming            Jam Etiquette

If you're on facebook, check out the Tampa Bay Jam Sessions page for the latest information on various local jams in our area.