Analog Tape to Digital Audio Conversions

Preserve those cherished audio recordings and listen to them again in an entirely new way!

BluEarthArts can convert any audio on stereo cassette, micro-cassette, 1/4" reel tapes, or videocassette to a digital format and medium, and can optimize the audio with noise or pop/click reduction, and/or equalization if necessary and master the recordings for consistency.

BluEarthArts was one of the very first companies to offer this type of service on the web. If you're serious about your audio, BluEarthArts is the right choice. You'll be pleasantly surprised at the improvement in sound.

Each and every tape gets careful, individualized attention from an audio specialist. We do not use automated processes or tape decks with silent track detection algorithms. 

BluEarthArts uses the highest quality CD-Rs available - better than the commercially replicated CDs you'll find in a music store. Disc title and labeling info is printed directly onto the CDs (and not with adhesive labels or markers) for longevity and a professional appearance.

If you'd rather have your audio preserved to high definition MP3s (suitable for ipods or other audio players), we can do that, too.

For custom restorations, BluEarthArts uses multiple track digital audio workstations (DAW) and various professional audio software programs to process your audio.

We also offer graphics packages. For example, BluEarthArts can reproduce and restore your tape's artwork for a CD cover. We can repair broken tapes, too (usually for no charge if it's part of an order).

If you're even thinking about having your old tapes digitized and restored, don't delay! Time is your enemy. 

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As you can imagine, every situation is different, so it's sometimes difficult to set firm prices for some individualized custom services. E-mail or call us if you have further questions about your specific needs. We accept checks and credit cards via Paypal.