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Editing, & Preservation
Your wedding is one of the most important events of your life. You typically hire wedding professionals to visibly record your special day with film and video, but occasionally the sound quality suffers - simply because people don't normally think of hiring audio professionals to record the event.

We will clip out long pauses, reduce hiss, remove "boominess", and remove coughs and any other distractions in the audio. We can also add audio, such as speech or music, to your recording. You will be sent MP3 files by e-mail so that you can monitor the progress.

BluEarthArts also offers a number of other wedding-related services:

Make an online slideshow set to a favorite song
Make a custom CD of your favorite love songs
Make a memorable father/daughter dance mix, and more...

Preserve the cherished audio recordings of your wedding and listen to them again in a whole new way. Click here for some customer comments.

A simple conversion from tape to CD can be had for as little as $19.95. You receive a CD, in a slimline case, of the recording as it would sound on the tape. We will also clip out silence at the beginning and end.

Custom audio restoration and/or conversion to digital CD, the full works, is only $39.95 per CD. We will optimize the audio with noise reduction and/or equalization and master the recordings for consistency. We can also remove unwanted distractions in the audio. You'll likely be pleasantly surprised at the improvement in sound. The CD will be printed with the title of your choosing. A full color graphic, like photos of the bride and groom, can also be added and printed to the CD, for $15 extra (includes setup).

For that extra special recording of your wedding, BluEarthArts will not only apply the custom work to your audio, but will also design
, setup and print a full color cover insert, and will also print the design directly on the CD itself, for a professionally-finished "one-off" CD you'll be proud to display as well as play. $79.95  (price includes custom audio restoration). For examples of CD cover insert and labels click here.

There's also an additional shipping charge for the CDs and the return of tapes.