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Website Design
We specialize in java scripting, audio, and custom photo-illustrations. All of our graphic page elements are original; we avoid stock photography whenever possible. We can also maintain your site for a low annual fee. Click on the examples further down to see what we've done with other sites.

Want sound? Click here (note: audio will play upon page load) for our Web Audio page. We can add WAVs, RealAudio, MP3s and other popular formats (and even MIDI, if you really really want it) to your pages.

We can help you find and register your domain name, find you reliable web hosting, and design your site. We work with you through the entire process, with each stage of the website approved by you as we go.

Artists, we are specialists in digital imagery and have the know-how to accurately reproduce the detail of your art online.

, if you do not have your own website, you're losing ground.
ReverbNation, Broadjam, and other indie sites are nice, but it's still someone else's website people are going to and you're only one of many artists featured there.

$300 for a basic three page site. Additional basic pages are $150 each. Special java scripting and audio additions are extra, the additional fee depends on the complexity. E-mail or call with your needs or ideas.

Payments for small projects are made in advance through Paypal (credit cards also accepted through PayPal), personal checks, or money orders. Larger projects require 50% down to start and the balance at completion.


Here is an example of a seemingly simple index page which packs a lot of info. An example of a clean site. This site was originally made for a harpist (she never bought webhosting, so the site is not online). This site was made for a rock and blues band in Minnesota (note that one of the bandmembers now changes content on the page, so some elements of the original design have been altered). A custom-designed, unique web site can be yours for much less than what you might think. This no-frills site was designed for a music teacher.

Another unique slide show, used to simulate a jigsaw puzzle, can be seen here.

Please Note: Original artwork and photos taken by a professional photographer may have certain copyright limitations, and permission/licensing will be necessary before we can use such artwork and/or photo(s). Please see our copyright notice.