Audio for Your Website
Want to add music or speech to your website but don't know where to start? Adding music, narration or spoken descriptions can add value to your site's message. Click the button links at left for more examples.

BluEarthArts can help you add quality audio to your site, either by user-chosen menus or by embedding the music within the webpage's code so that it loads automatically whenever the page is visited. You can also add controls so that the user can change the volume or stop or pause the audio.

MP3 files are the norm nowadays (and are what we use on this site), but other digital audio file formats, like AU, RealAudio, and Apple's AIFF, are also available. Note that MP3s also play on the ipod.
We use a dedicated 20 track digital audio workstation (DAW) with active Dynaudio studio monitors and professional audio software (Sonar, Adobe Audition, & Cool Edit Pro) to record, mix, and process digital audio.

BluEarthArts can convert any audio on CDs, DVDs, cassette, micro-cassette, 1/4" reel tapes, or videocassette to digital formats, and can optimize the audio with noise reduction and/or equalization if necessary and master the recordings for consistency. For sound clips, YOU control where the audio begins and where it ends.

$30 set up, then $8 for each song, up to 5 minutes in length. This price may already be included in the package if we're building you a website, depending on the scope and number of audio files.

There's also an additional shipping charge, if necessary, for the return of tapes and/or CDs.

Call or e-mail us for more info on WebAudio.

Requires RealAudio