High Quality, Custom Conversion of Tapes to CD or Digital File

BluEarthArts can convert any audio on cassettes, micro-cassettes, 1/4" reel tapes, or videocassettes to CDs and digital formats like MP3s which you can play on your computer, iPod, MP3, CD and DVD players. Add your favorites from the past to your present music collection.

Many people have cassette tapes which contain favorite songs from a variety of sources; to replace these tapes with the equivalent CDs would cost a small fortune. These tapes are prime candidates for custom audio restorations. See below.

For MP3 players & iPods - Send us an assortment of tapes. We can convert the songs to high quality digital files, and burn entire collections to one archive data CD. Each tape can have its own folder of music files on the CD for easy access. Click here for more information on digital files and how to choose the best format and resolution for you.

If the quality of the audio matters to you, then BluEarthArts is the right choice. Click here for some customer comments.

If you have a number of music tapes which simply need to be converted to quality digital music files, call or e-mail us for special pricing.

Interested in 2, 3, or 4 CD boxed sets from your tapes?  Call or e-mail us for pricing.

A LA Carte Price
A basic tape to CD conversion is $19.95 per hour of audio. You'll receive an audio CD, in a slimline case, of the recording as it would sound on the tape. The digital audio recordings will be properly separated, by ear, into individual songs. The CD's label will be printed with the title of your choosing.

Custom audio restoration and/or conversion to digital CD costs $39.95 for tapes per 80 minute CD. The digital audio recordings will be properly separated, by ear, into individual songs. Each song will be optimized with hiss/noise reduction and equalization (most tapes lose some high frequencies from repeated playing). We think you'll be amazed at the improvement in sound.

There's also an additional shipping charge for CDs and the return of tapes.

E-mail or call us if you have any questions.