The Spoken Word

Do you have sound recordings on tape of family members, speeches, weddings, funeral services, church services or sermons, lectures, school plays, or motivational tapes? Your grandparents' life stories? The laughter of your children? Do you need master CDs or tapes for duplication? Do you need to have tapes converted to a digital format for an archive?

Do you want to preserve the memoirs of your father's World War II experiences? (you may also want to consider contributing the story to the Library of Congress' Veterans' History Project).

Save these old but cherished or important tapes for posterity by converting them digitally to CD, MP3, or other digital format!

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If you have a number of tapes, call or e-mail us. We offer special pricing for large scale archival projects.

A basic conversion from a tape to an 80 minute audio CD is $19.95. You receive a CD, in a slimline case, of the recording as it would sound on the tape. We clip out (by ear) any silence at the beginning and end. The CD will be printed with the title of your choosing.

Custom audio restoration and/or conversion to digital CD costs $39.95 per CD. We will optimize the audio with noise reduction and/or equalization. We can also remove unwanted distractions and long pauses in the audio. You'll likely be pleasantly surprised at the improvement in sound.

There's also an additional shipping charge for the CDs and the return of tapes.