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Online Dating Profile Photo Enhancement
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Looking online for love and/or companionship? Your future mate wants to see what you look like!

Say you have a great photo of yourself - it may even be the best one you have of your noble features, but your wicked now-ex is also in it with you. If possible we'll remove him/her entirely - if not from your memory, at least from the photo; if it's not feasible to delete the person we can fuzz or pixelated their facial features to make them totally unrecognizable.

Are your photos too dark? Too blue? Need to have the photos cropped? We can do magic. Help your future match see you in your best light.

Send up to 5 digital photos. We'll edit them all for $5. Pay either by PayPal (it's safe - ebay uses paypal for its transactions, and you can use credit cards) or by check.  Click here to e-mail us your photos.

See below if you want to snail mail photos for scanning ($10 for scanning and editing up to 5 photos).

Keep in mind that if your original photo is tiny, badly over- or under-exposed, or really blurry there are limits to our magic. 

Photo Restoration
Photographs of family and friends are typically some of our most cherished personal items - but printed photos fade and get torn and ravaged by time.

Using modern digital techniques, however, many photos can be restored to their original - or even better - condition. Got an old picture of your mom or dad as a kid? Have it restored and framed. These make great gifts, and become more personally valuable as you get older.

Yellowed photos can be de-yellowed - colors can be restored, and torn and faded photos can often be repaired. Distracting elements (like that telephone pole coming out of the top of Aunt Mildred's head) can be removed altogether. Click here for examples.

If we can make your Uncle Bob look like Brad Pitt, we can definitely change an old and beaten photo into an heirloom.  

The restored prints are real photos, by the way, and not inkjet prints. Inkjet prints lose their color balance over time and are especially unsuited for permanent photos.

Note: Making a large print from a small photo can be disappointing, because some sharpness will be lost. If your old photo original is a tiny wallet-size, for example, an 8x10 copy may not be the best choice. E-mail or call us for advice or if you have any questions.

Photo Magic
Modern digital technology has made photographic image manipulation a reality. These "special effects" can also be used to change a photo to eliminate unwanted objects or people. Though it may sound a little spooky, the process has some very practical uses.

Let's suppose you have a photo which would be ideal for your ebay posting, postcard, business card, or other marketing idea, but it needs to be changed somewhat or "cleaned up" of distracting elements - we can do that.  We can eliminate or change a background entirely...

The finished digital photo can also be saved and returned to you as a high resolution JPG file (but can also be downloaded as a BMP or TIF by request) for printing or for e-mailing to friends and family. Click here for more information.

Please Note: Photos taken by a professional photographer may have certain copyright limitations, and permission may be necessary before we can use such photo(s).  Please see our copyright notice.

When sending important photographs, always sandwich the photos between two pieces of corrugated cardboard, even if the photos are mounted. 

The best way is to send COPIES of your photos, but for one-of-a-kind photos the safest way is to ship your photographs by FedEx or UPS. An alternative is to have quality scans made of the prints by someone local to you, and then e-mail the scanned images to BluEarthArts.

Don't pay the extra cost of insurance since it'll only cover the actual cost of the photograph, not what you feel it's worth, and DO spend your money on the more expensive but most reliable shipping method if the photos can not be replaced.

Click here for our mailing address.