Digital Audio Conversion Examples

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Here are some examples of analog tape audio (and a 78 rmp record) converted to digital files and edited with sound processing software. With all but the first example, the first sample you'll hear is the original, unedited version recorded directly from the tape or record; immediately afterward you'll hear the edited version.

Big Band (circa 1972)
This audio came from a 30+ year old tape reel recorded in mono. Here we've put the "after" version first. This segment is a perfect example of how an old tape machine can ruin your music over time - and how BluEarthArts can fix it as well as improve on it.

Across the Great Divide (1994)
A song clip of a folk group playing live at home; recorded on a stereo cassette tape.

John F Kennedy and the chimpanzee (1961)
JFK was famous for his witty and often humorous press conferences. From an old cassette tape, probably a 2nd or 3rd generation recording.

Oswald has been shot! (1963)
One of the past century's most notorious events caught on tape. Note the dramatic improvement, in the tweaked version, in the acoustics of the gunshot. From an old cassette tape, probably a 3rd or 4th generation recording.

Doo Wop Vocal Group Demo on a 78 rpm Acetate Record (circa 1955)
Acetate records were the poor man's choice for audio recording 50 years ago. Unfortunately, sound quality was cheap, too, even when the record was brand new. Here is a well worn acetate 78 rpm record demo that's been cleaned up of pops and crackle and some distortion (not all could be removed).

Rock riffs (circa 1974)
A young guitarist shows off his stuff at a jam session in a suburban living room. Originally recorded with one inexpensive mic on a simple mono cassette machine.

Grammy-nominated trumpeter Tim Hagans playing chops in high school (1972)

This sound clip of the jazz trumpeter playing in a high school band was originally recorded with one inexpensive mic on a simple mono cassette machine in a school auditorium. The overall recording was very poor, so it was edited a little bright to highlight his trumpet.