Audio Enhancement & Analysis
A lot of audio is just not recorded well, or is stored on deteriorating media. In either case, there's often a need for preservation and cleanup of audio.

Like photoshop for improving digital images, digital signal processing (DSP) is the equivalent for improving recorded sound. DSP is a relatively recent tool which can dramatically save or even improve the quality of audio or the understandability of speech.

Sophisticated imaging tools and filters enable the audio specialist to both hear and "see" sound (refer to the spectrogram below). With DSP tools, hiss can be reduced or minimized, hum and feedback can be removed, speech can be isolated out of a noisy background so that it can be better understood, and audio can be closely analyzed.

This is what Pink Floyd's famous "Time" clock chimes sequence from "Dark Side of the Moon" looks like on a spectrogram. The chart shows time (x axis) versus frequency (y axis).

The colors indicate intensity of the sound (red being highest, blue lowest). The upper half is the left channel (of the stereo recording) and the bottom half is the right channel.

The loud chime continues in the left channel then fades away while the "heartbeat" (which was really a bass drum) gradually fades in with increasing intensity.


As you can imagine, every situation is different, so it's sometimes difficult to set firm prices for some individualized custom services. E-mail or call us if you have further questions about your specific needs.

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